Risk & Claims Management

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Risk and Claims Management Expertise

Solutions That Manage Risk, Control Costs & Deliver Peace of Mind

At Dale Barton, we take a very proactive approach to risk management and claims management. We know that even with the most careful and deliberate planning, the unexpected can happen. A company’s Total Cost of Risk (TCOR), is an important risk management concept that considers much more than what a company pays in premiums, deductibles and uninsured losses every year.

Consider the indirect costs vs. losses associated with an accident or incident. We’re talking about down time, damaged equipment, overtime, unhappy customers, and the damage to your reputation. These costs can outpace the cost of the loss itself.

At Dale Barton we partner with your insurer’s risk control representatives to provide you with the tools needed to lower your TCOR. With these risk management services, you can predict, prioritize, prevent, and minimize the financial impact of potential risks to your most valuable assets.

Risk Management

We can help you with the following Risk Management services:

  • Alternative Risk Financing Strategies
  • Business Income Needs Analysis
  • Captive Feasibility Study and Solutions
  • Claims Review
  • Classification Review
  • Contingent Exposure Identification
  • Contract Analysis
  • Contractual Risk Transfer Mechanisms
  • Cost of Risk Allocation
  • Disaster Response Planning
  • Experience Modification Analysis and Projections
  • Fleet Safety Manual Review and Recommendations
  • Flood/Earthquake Analysis
  • Frequency/Severity Assessments
  • Insurance Coverage Analysis
  • International Risk Exposures Analysis
  • Job Site Safety Evaluation via Carrier Risk Control
  • Safety Manual Review and Recommendations
  • Safety Program Evaluation via Carrier Risk Control
  • Education and Training

Dale Barton Offers Solutions That Manage Risk, Control Costs & Deliver Peace of Mind

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Providing Local, National, & International Services

Wherever your work takes you, locally or nationally, Dale Barton’s claims professionals and carrier representatives have the experience and know-how to help make the claims process less disruptive. We serve as the liaison between the insurance company and you, helping to expedite your claim and bring things to closure. Our team takes a proactive approach to managing any claims you may have – leveraging our considerable knowledge and experience to minimize the loss and make the process as simple as possible for you.

Our claims management services include:

  • Evaluating loss runs and claims data to help you understand where your risks truly lie.
  • Analyzing workers’ compensation Experience Modification Ratings for accuracy.
  • Conducting incident trend analyses to evaluate loss patterns and develop appropriate risk-management program enhancements.
  • Helping you implement return-to-work strategies that improve your employee culture.
  • Working with adjusters to ensure timely response and prompt claim resolution.
  • Working with insurers to create annual stewardship reports.
  • Data Analysis: By analyzing your losses, we can help you develop loss control plans that will focus on areas with the highest potential to reduce direct and indirect costs, reduce injuries, reduce administrative time, and reduce the risk of loss.

Dale Barton provides a comprehensive suite of services to help you manage your risk, build positive ratings with regulatory agencies (NCCI/EMR and OSHA), and establish a favorable claims history.

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