The Cornerstone of Sound Financial Planning

Life insurance provides peace of mind knowing the financial effects of unexpected or untimely deaths are covered. This means not leaving a financial burden behind. For those with families, life insurance helps protect loved ones from bills, lost income, transferred debt, or other financial hardships.

Life insurance is really about protecting those who depend on you for financial support. Several life insurance options are available including whole life, term life, universal life and key man life insurance. It’s important to re-evaluate life insurance needs annually.

Benefits of Having a Life Insurance Policy May Include:

  • Replace Lost Income – Provides your family with steady income in the event of your passing.
  • Cover Living Expenses – Helps cover essential living expenses such as groceries, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Pay Child’s Education – Can pay for private schooling and college expenses.
  • Supplement Retirement Savings – Generate tax-deferred cash flow for your retirement.
  • Collateral for Loan – Borrow against the value of your policy for a personal or business loan.
  • Protect Business – Helps keep a business afloat while adjusting without you.
  • Additional Money in Case of a Chronic/Terminal Illness – If you develop a chronic or terminal illness, life insurance money may be able to be withdrawn to pay for medical expenses.
  • Leave a Legacy – Leave a considerable donation amount to the causes that were important to you.
  • Reduce Estate & Inheritance Taxes – Life insurance to the beneficiary is not taxed.
  • Increase Death Benefits – Some life policies allow you to trade the cash value accumulation for increased death benefits.

Dale Barton provides peace of mind knowing the financial effects of unexpected or untimely deaths are covered.

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Our professionals at Dale Barton design life insurance solutions based on each customer’s unique circumstances. We work together to find solutions to your goals. Each program is custom built and includes:

  • Broad market access and assistance in assessing differences in products, performance potential and risk factors among carrier product offerings
  • Product variety including term insurance, whole life, universal or variable universal life, or specialty and high limit programs

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