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Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage (Excess Liability)

A Critical, But Often Overlooked Component of Personal Risk Management

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage that can help protect assets such as your home, car and boat. It can also help cover defense costs, attorney fees and other charges associated with lawsuits.

A personal umbrella policy helps protect your family’s assets and adds an extra layer of protection from major claims. Personal umbrella insurance is designed to add extra liability coverage, over and above your other insurance policies, such as auto or homeowners.

Personal umbrella insurance is designed to protect you against a catastrophic lawsuit or judgement. It is meant to protect you from injury or damage that you or your family members may cause or help pay for claims in which you are legally liable. Umbrella insurance is designed to supplement your basic liability coverage.

Help Protect the People You Love, and the Life You Love

Personal umbrella coverage is priced affordably considering the amount of additional coverage limit that you receive. Today’s lifestyles involve a great deal of activity and recreation that can create numerous liability exposures. Personal umbrella insurance is recommended for you in the event that you are faced with a lawsuit connected to one of these unforeseen events that can occur such as your dog biting someone or your car hitting a third party (i.e. another car or a pedestrian).

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Add extra liability coverage with Dale Barton personal umbrella insurance.

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