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Contractor Surety

Dale Barton Knows Contract Surety Bonds

For Contractors we offer surety expertise to help you succeed. Our knowledge of your business and our outstanding relationships with surety companies have earned us the distinction of being a premier provider of surety bonds for the construction industry.

We understand that maintaining a solid surety program is vital to a contractor’s success. Dale Barton works with hundreds of construction companies in Utah and nationwide and has written over $200 Billion in bonded projects. This gives us access to the top surety markets and ensures that our clients are placed with a surety company that meets their specific needs.

In addition, our construction roots give us an understanding of our clients’ business better than any other agency. Our Surety team keeps our clients more competitive in the marketplace in terms of bonding capacity and bond rates.

From General Contractors to Trade Contractors, we review a company’s size, industry, field of expertise, financial picture, and credit risk to match them with a surety that best fits their profile.

Dale Barton recognizes that each client’s surety program is unique to them. It is our mission to make sure we understand the details of our client’s business, so we can advise them on how to maximize their bond program and the overall profitability of their company.

At Dale Barton, we can assess your Surety Bond Program and give you guidance on areas for improvement that will make your bond program “Best in Class.”

We provide the following bonds to the construction industry:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Payment Bonds
  • Labor & Material Payment Bonds
  • Maintenance Bonds (or Warranty Bonds)
  • Miscellaneous Bonds
  • Discharge of Mechanic’s Lien Bonds
  • Subcontractor Bonds
  • Subdivision / Site Improvement Bonds
  • Supply Bonds
  • Contractor License & Permit Bonds
  • Retention Payment Bonds
  • Appeal Bonds

We Match You with Construction Sureties that Best Fit Your Profile

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Providing Local, National, & International Services

Dale Barton’s Construction Surety Professionals:

  • Represent hundreds of contractors in every segment of the construction industry
  • Have excellent relationships with the leading surety companies
  • Maintain an outstanding reputation in the surety and construction industries
  • Develop surety programs to grow with your company
  • Understand all the important construction, banking, and accounting issues
  • Are active in the major construction industry organizations
  • Are creative in suggesting solutions to your challenges

Additional Construction Surety services provided by Dale Barton:

  • Access to the top surety markets
  • Contract bid specification review
  • Financial analysis, including year-end financial planning to maximize your surety program
  • Plan and specification review
  • Project feasibility
  • Project financing verification
  • Subcontractor review and credit reports. Assistance with pre-qualifying subcontractors prior to bids
    • Includes a review of subcontractors’ bonding and insurance programs
  • Timely and accurate bond preparation, certificates of insurance (COI)

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